Essay on Patientce

Topics: Frustration, 2002 albums, Personal life Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: August 20, 2008
The one skill that most people do not have but would most definitely benefit from would be patience. Mastering this skill can be difficult and problematic as there are many pros and cons that enter into the equation. We have all heard the phrase “Patience is a virtue”. What they fail to enlighten us with is the facts of patience. What is patience? Calm endurance is the most rational definition to describe patience, but what does that entail? Patience is the ability to wait for something without excessive frustration. When you have patience, all things will eventually fall right into place. When you decide that you need more patience, it will be necessary to master your own mind. It is all about control, self=control and your ability to maintain that control that will help you in your quest for patience. Patience will not only help in you in every day life, but is a valuable character trait to have as well. Patience helps you to think within a logical realm, which in turn aids you in producing sound decisions in life. When making life altering decisions, you want to be able to rationalize things in a more productive manner. Having and asserting patience allows you to take your time in completing a task or even conquering fears completely and acutely. Mastering yourself and having the control of patience, will keep you calm and with that ability you will be better able to handle most stressful, hard, and frustrating situations with a level head. Just as there are productive reasons to support mastering yourself and maintaining patience, there are consequences for not having it as well. Without patience, you are more likely to lose your temper with relative ease. You don’t have control over your mind and therefore are less likely to have control over your reactions to people and situations laid out in front of you in life. Without patience, you will become irritated quicker and stay in an agitated state, not only with yourself, but those you come in contact with....
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