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  • Published : October 22, 2010
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A brief introduction about online education….

Nowadays, technology is just around the corner. Everyone can take advantage in using the latest demand of technology. Until this technology was developed for the advancement of our learning. Technology was developed mainly for the enhancement of our learning.

As the years go by and technology evolves to a new trend of demand. We could use this technology to transfer learning from one another. That is what I found out in online education. At first I thought it’s just more of input and input. Now we could transfer our learning from one person to another and to another country. This was being done simultaneously.

I’ve been English online tutor for quite long already; I could say that I am talkative in my class that is because I am expressionist in my views. I am open to learning from my students. So before our class would start I would always tell them, that our class is a give and take class. I will share my learning and I will learn from them as well. I find it very effective, because through that the student will be motivated to participate and reciprocate your enthusiasm in teaching them.

It has different teaching style compare to a classroom teaching. It is more focus and dedicated to one student. I could easily see the weak point of my student by just letting them talk and express their views and thought. From there on, I would plan my teaching styles for them. However, I would make sure, that our learning would be fun and have a healthy environment for learning.
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