Essay on Native American Vision Quest

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Vision Quest: A vision quest is a rite of passage in Native American cultures and more specifically the Oji-Cree. It was undertaken by a person when they reached puberty. The vision quest comprised of going to the wild for about ten days to fast. This took place either at the top of a hill or if need be a platform built in a tree. During the vision it is expected that at least one or more spirits would take pity on the individual and become his or her protector in the ordeal as well as a source of spiritual power for life. The carrying out of the vision quest was normally for males only in some Native American cultures; however for the Oji-Cree both males and females participated in this quest. During the vision fast power could be obtained and subsequently enhanced by fasting. During the course of the vision quest an individual would also receive his or her secret name from their spirit protector. The vision quest constituted for half of the spiritual rituals the Oji-Cree would undertake the other half being the shaking tent ceremony. The historical significance of this ritual was it was undertaken by individuals to provide power for themselves. Power was important as the Oji-Cree believed that power was inherent in every living thing and object, thus making it a important part of their way of life. Torah: The torah or also known as the law are the first five books of the Bible. It contains the essence of Judaism as well as ethical teachings and basic guidance. The Torah also contains the Ten Commandments which were given to the Hebrews by the Prophet Moses. The books that make up the Torah are Genesis (creation), Exodus (departure), Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Although sometimes it may contain The Prophets and usually the Psalms and other writings however some Hebrew scholars omit the Psalms and other writings. In the Christian faith the Torah is known as the Old Testament. The Torah provides modern day Jews with a explanation of what occurred in the...
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