Essay on My Favourite Teacher

An essay on My Favourite Teacher.

A child idolizes his teachers more than anyone else in his life. We all thus have our ideals in our lives that inspire and motivate us. A Teacher is like a God to the child. In our in our Indian culture, a Teacher is given utmost importance. A teacher not only teacher the students about things in the world, educates them and shares with them his knowledge and wisdom but also acts as a spiritual guide for his students because he leads them on the path of truth, light, eternal wisdom and everlasting virtues.

I study in Tagore School. There are about 30 teachers in my school. Some of them take my classes. Some are teaching me this year and there are others who haven’t taught me still. Nevertheless, I know them all. I like all of my teachers. They all are very kind and loving. But my favorite teacher is Mr. Sharma.

He is our Math’s Teacher. He is a middle-aged man with an average built and height with a very pleasant smile. He is intelligent and a master of his subject. This is one quality that impresses all the students. He is much disciplined but not so strict so that the students are not terrified of him. In fact, we feel at ease when he is around. He makes Mathematics so easy for all of us that of us that we all enjoy it. We eagerly wait for his period every day and feel very sad when he is absent.

He is very soft spoken, kind, gentle, helping and caring. He is always ready to listen patiently to the problems of the students. He never refuses any child for help. So many times he goes out of his ways to help students. All these qualities make him a favorite of not only me but all the students. He is our games’ in-charge also. So we all enjoy playing games under his supervision.
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