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Cameron Yamawaki 1/31/12
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Education is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge and for that, there are teachers. I think a good teacher is able to teach students and make them interested in whatever the teacher is teaching. Because of that, Mr. Keating, to me, is not only a good teacher, but an excellent teacher. In the school where Todd and Neil go, they believe that a way to produce a good student who is intelligent and disciplined is through strict rules and punishing. Both Neil's dad and Mr. Nolan think this is the way to go. Mr. Keating has very different ideas than those. Mr. Keating taught his students poetry and at first, the students were not too interested but once Keating really got into it, they began to like it which is something that is hard for a teacher to do. In their first class of poetry, they ripped out a page from their textbooks which I believe was a page on how to read and understand poetry. The reason why they ripped out the page is because you cannot tell someone who to read and understand poetry. This shows how Keating was a free thinker. A free thinker is someone who is unrestricted to established views or teaching. When Keating explained to the school that he was trying to teach them to be free thinkers, they said that they were not old enough or capable enough to be free thinkers, which is not the case. At any age, it possible for you to be a free thinker and should be encouraged. When you begin to challenge establishments, you sometimes are able to improve them which is how new ideas arise Mr. Keating also taught the students to explore and experiment. This is why Neil decided to take up acting. Exploring and experimenting is a good way of discovering what you want to do in life and is something every person needs to learn. When someone is doing something that they love, it often takes away stress from other things. Neil's father wanted Neil to be a doctor and he enrolled Neil in that school so that he could...
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