Essay on Managing Individual Behavior: Bringing Out the Best in People

Topics: Management, Employment, Psychology Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: July 22, 2011
Essay on Managing Individual Behavior: Bringing out the Best in People Victor Abraham Kargbo
18th July 2011
Critically evaluating the view that the only essential ingredient of a successful manager is the ability to handle people and relate in a caring and meaningful way to the individuals being managed, it is expected that managers have technical skills but the bigger test is in the way they manage people. This is perhaps the most critical and elusive skill set of all Weak people skills lead directly to lost productivity and ineffectiveness while strong people skills boost productivity and effectiveness and will propel your career forward like no other skill set will, this is why to succeed as a manager, you must know how to bring out the best in people. A key aspect of the management is to secure employee commitment to the organization. All managers will have to deal with difficult employees during their careers. First, there will always be difficult employees. Second, it's your job as the manager to deal with them. If you don't deal with the problem, it will only get worse. “Difficult employee is define as one who does not live up to the expectations attached to the job”. Difficult employees are that way simply because it is a behavior that has worked for them in the past. They may not know any other behavior or they may choose this behavior when they think it will be most effective. You will be successful in dealing with difficult employees only to the extent that you can make these undesirable behaviors no longer effective for them. It is important when dealing with difficult employees to act quickly. Often you will need to act almost immediately to neutralize a dangerous situation. However, it is always appropriate to think before you act. One of my co-worker who plays a very key role in the organization but very difficult to manager was almost dismissed after been warned several times because of her attitude towards customers and staff. She promised to...
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