Essay on Macbeth

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Most modern directors adapting William Shakespeare’s plays for today’s audience skip portions of the text to make the story more accessible. However, The Cal shakes Theater’s new production of “Macbeth”, which was planned and scheduled to appear last Friday in Orinda was fascinating. This play most of which stayed true to the original text of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The director of this play wanted to portray a modern interpretation of the book Macbeth. By giving the play a modern touch, it created a different atmosphere and gave the audience a new reaction. Not only did this give the character Macbeth a more powerful role, but it also showed a stronger love connection between the loving couple, Macbeth and his wife all the until the end where as in the book it gives the impression of Macbeth slowly starting to loose his love for Lady Macbeth in the end. In the play, when Macbeth comes to find out that his wife has passed, the director felt it necessary to move the famous soliloquy said my Macbeth, “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” to the end of the story, giving it a new a twist. This created a dramatic effect to the story line because it continued to show Macbeths love for his beloved wife, Lady Macbeth. Also in the play the weird sisters did not appear to have a major element in act as they did in the book. In the beginning of the play, the three sister’s introduction was very chilling and theatrical, but towards the ending of the play, the importance of their characters seemed to digress rapidly. The soundtrack of loud explosions and the vivid lighting caused the audience to be engaged thoroughly. Although the weird sisters were ghost like, and offered a mysterious direction to Macbeth, but they also gave Macbeth a chance to realize the sin he has committed and to follow and listen to his subconscious which will guide him to the right path. The play closed not on a note of hope, but with peace and the right rule restored to Scotland.
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