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Essay on Lotus

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  • October 2012
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Beautiful pink lotus I am, I think that is the name of my species of flowers. We are found only in two colours that are pink and white. At the end there is a long stalk which is light green in colour and at my base, a few flat light green broad leaves hold on to my body and adorn me.

I live in water bodies, in small ponds or lakes or rivulets. My home is actually on the surface of the water and this is my very special feature. Did you know about this special feature of mine? There is still another great quality of mine and that I think is really great.

This quality is that, no matter how dirty the base of the water on which we stand, I and my clan of flowers never sink, we just stand erect in the midst of water. No matter how much dirt there may be around me, I keep above it all, always clean and beautiful. No matter how much dirt there may be under my stalk in the water, it can never pull me down to its level, i.e. I always keep 'above board/ I am known for my cleanliness inspite of the fact that there may be hoards of filth around me, I maintain my discipline and keep clean, so much so that, my name is quoted for as an example of purity and goodness.

This is no mean achievement for, no matter how much filth there may be around me or at my base in the water. I remain above it all - absolutely untouched by any sort of debasement - and I manage to maintain my glamour and beauty. It is so wonderful to think and understand that, no evil can ever destroy me, and that, and I remain an entity never to be destroyed by any vagaries of atmosphere and environment around me.

I am considered to be so pure that, in the Hindu mythology I am made as a seat of the Goddess of wealth - Lakshmi - Aha! What a place of pride for me. Thus, besides my beauty and capacity to remain untouched by evil, I also provide a seat for a goddess.

I thank God for all the good qualities He has bestowed on me, due to which I am a unique flower. I am a flower that does not...

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