Essay on Klafki (Visions for International Education)

Topics: Education, It's a Small World, The Key Pages: 4 (963 words) Published: January 19, 2011
An Essay on ”Visions for international education – by Wolfgang Klafki”

Klafki introduces terms like increasing interrelations, mutual dependencies, fate of all continents, cultures, states and societies when addressing the core problems our modern world faces at the turn of the century. A world, which has shrunk since the tunes of Walt Disney’s “It’s a small world after all…..[1]”, and in the aftermath of wars, trade and spheres of progress – appears to be closely knit. The points he makes are very clear through the discussion on 6 complexes of development, though you could look at them solitarily, they are very much intermeshed, as he points out. The entwinement of both individual capabilities and society focus, is very evident in all 6 points, be it: information availability or existential necessity. I couldn’t agree more; unfortunately conflicts exist in our own society, while promoting and claiming a route of tolerance and inclusion on one hand, we wish to be selective and limit the amount of “fugitives” we can accommodate annually, on the other.

First, Klafki approaches education and educational science from a universal standing, where conditioning and development have to have common ground globally. There are many perspectives to developing knowledge and awareness and students of the future need to have an international stance to problems at a very early age. Although he tends to draw a very utopian picture, he keeps focus through his discussion with five key issues towards implementation and involvement.

First key issue is “the problem of peace” and its educational value, as he addresses it, which consists of two main elements: 1. Macro-sociological and macro-political causes of threats to peace or of wars. 2. Moral justification for wars - if there are any.

The second key issue, he reflects upon, is that of “environment”, again globally and in conjunction to “accountability and controllability of scientific-technological development” he...
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