Essay on Judgemental People

Topics: Bible, Christianity, Judgment Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: September 23, 2012
The Fundamental of Judgmental Church Members: Judging and Stereotyping and the Effects it has on a non-judgemental Christians

Church people and their judgmental ways and the effect it has on others. One point in my life I was not a church fundamentalist. My grandmother devoted to a Baptist church made sure I went every Sunday morning rain or shine. "When I went to church", I saw women in their big pretty, hats and very nice dresses, at first I thought these are the type of women I want to be like one day. That thought changed quickly for me after I realize who they really were. My grandmother from time to time had responsibilities during service so I would have to sit with some of the ladies that were on the usher board well known ladies in the church. I would sometimes over hear conversations of them talking about other women in the church that have been having some problems in their marriage or maybe someone that got drunk Mon-Sat. and came to church on Sunday morning.

The pastor would sometimes even preach a sermon about "going to hell" if he saw a person sitting in service he knew was a drunk directing the sermon right at them. The usher’s would make comments about a well-known women in the community that sold liquor out of her home such as “she know she is going to hell selling that devil juice” or “did you see what she was wearing today”. Then the rusher’s during greeting time would go right up to their face and laugh and talk with the one they were just crucifying. I thought to myself these women were the biggest set of phonies I had ever seen I did not like it. I would beg my grandma," please let me go with you instead of staying with those ushers." My grandma made me stay with the ushers anyway. I would try to avoid hearing their conversation by sitting down toward the other end of the pew. I could hear still hear the usher's talking about people. I will never forget this particular day when a women came in with only the clothes she had on her...
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