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Jennifer Lopez is a successful Hispanic women that has been influential. She has done many positive acts throughout her life. From all the accomplishments she has achieved much success.

Jennifer Lopez was born July 24th, 1969 in Bronx New York. She was a daughter of Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodríguez and David Lopez. She has two sisters Lynda and Leslie that she grew up with. Lopez was into singing and dancing starting at the age of five. She spent her whole entire career in catholic schools. She grew up with the religion of being a Roman Catholic.

During her adult years she had financed in singing and dancing lessons for herself at the age of nineteen. Lopez divided her time between working as a notary public in a legal office, dance classes, and dance performances in Manhattan night clubs.

Jennifer Lopez started to get into the music and the acting career. After months of auditioning dance roles she was selected as a dancer for various music videos. Jennifer’s first album was released June 1, 1999 and reached the top ten Billboard 200. Her acting career started in 1995. Lopez became the first actress singer to have a film at number one the same week. She has still continued her music career throughout the years. She has also had an acting career. She received wide-spread praise for her performance in the movie ‘Selena’ including a Gallah Globe Award for best actress. She also acted in many other movies.

Even though there was many good things happening in Jennifer’s life she also had problems. For example in her marriage which later led to divorce. There were both personal and professional jealousies. Mark and Jennifer didn’t get along anymore and they decided to go their separate ways. On July 15, 2011, following seven years of marriage to Mark Anthony, the couple's representative told Us Weekly that their marriage was over and as painful as it would be for all those involved, the couple were separating.

Jennifer Lopez accomplished many...
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