Essay on Influences in a Childs Life

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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There are many people that have an influence on a student’s elementary, middle, and high school education. These people could be your teacher, friend, family member, and your parents. But I believe the parents are the most important influence. Most students believe that their friends are their biggest distraction, and the only people they have left to motivate them are their parents. In most cases when a child do not have a parent in their life they tend to fall under pressure and go about school the wrong way. A friend can only do so much; one minute they are telling you to do right and the next they are trying to influence you to do wrong, but our parents are always telling us to do right so of course we are going to listen to them. Teachers can also influence students but the thing is, your teacher is not always around and they have hundreds of other students they need to help. Whereas your parents are there all the time, even if one is not available you always have the other. Another reason I believe that your parent is the biggest influence on your education is because your parent is not going to lie to you, you can always trust them to tell you to do right and have them there to motivate you, and keep you strong. Of all the people that are there to influence a student and get them to do right I believe parents are the most important influence when it comes to a student’s education.
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