Essay on Indian Society (Negative Viewpoint)

Topics: Marriage, Domestic violence, Woman Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Women behind Cultural and Traditional Bars
“I feel terrible for the women in the trivial Indian society”, a foreigner may exclaim, visiting India when she sees a woman being hit by her husband in public. “They don’t seem to have an option but just accept the circumstances of their sad situation and get accustomed to it”, might state another foreigner as she observes and critically analyses the situation of the women in the society while going around the small dilapidated villages where the women are working and taking care of their young ones while their husbands portray the qualities of being drunkard, bullying individuals. One may ask why does this happen? Why don’t women stand up for their own rights and take control of their own situation? Why don’t they leave their husbands and seek for something better? What are the causes that lead to this effect of the people from other countries looking down upon the Indians as a backward society filled with women being victimized to such traumatic tortures by their husbands all the time? The cause lies within the Indian culture. The Indian Culture is unjust to the woman because it teaches the society that a woman can never be a boon to the family or society, forces the women to work from an early age to be domestic slaves and if they are treated wrongly, it is their duty to accept the excuses their husbands blame them for the unfair treatment that they receive. The culture portrays that a girl child can’t ever be a blessing as the traditions teach that when a woman gets married – the family of the girl has to give a certain sum of money which may range from thousands to millions to the husband’s family – a system called as “dowry”. In actual reality, this system is eradicated by the government of the country but shamefully this kind of violence against women is still an ongoing practice, even among the educated elites as observed by Almosaed who states that “violence increases among the educated and...
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