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Topics: Marketing, Graphic design, Target market Pages: 3 (858 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Ms. Daorin Posook
Id. No. 4949297
Strategic Marketing Management (MGMG 508)

Reflective Essay on Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications is the way in which all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing are utilized together as a unified force to best communicate about products or services.

In developing advertising programs or designing promotional activities for a certain product, the company or people who deal with these stuffs firstly have to decide the target markets and know their buying motives so as to design advertising programs and promotional activities accordingly.

Breeze, which has long been Unilever’s flagship detergent brand sold in Thailand, is a very good example for IMC strategy utilization. The new campaign of Breeze is one of good examples on using IMC strategy. Breeze has launched its new campaign “Dirt is good” since the year 2546, and has expanded its target groups from housewives to little children and teachers. The company captures attention and induces the new target groups’ needs in the product through several means including its marketing activities held. Breeze has used good coordination of different forms of communication to create brand awareness and brand royalty in their customers.

Consistency, one key aspect of IMC strategy is clearly shown, seen by a good connection on the use of the product’s logo, packaging, events and advertisement. Breeze’s new slogan “Dirt is good” is correlated well with their new colorful logo. A stain or dirt symbolized in bright and colorful color conveys positive meaning of dirt; to say that dirt is not totally bad, but it’s, on the other hand, pretty and creative. And this new logo has been presented almost everywhere, for example, on the packaging, the premium, poster, advertising and event area, which helps customers to easily remember the brand. The...
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