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Melanie Malone November 1, 2011 English Class
She is given a death sentence… but she does not accept it. She is determined to win, the award for winning- life, and it was life she is given back after she emerges victorious from “the Games.” She is Katniss Everdeen and her gripping fight for survival is told by Suzanne Collins in The Hunger Games. Within the pages of this novel, you discover that it is Katniss’s complete dissection of every action and words spoken that keeps her from a cruel death in an unforgiving arena.

At just 16, Katniss is her head of her household, burdened with the task of supplying her family with food. Due to this, Katniss becomes a skillful hunter. Being a hunter, she is attributed with abilities to understand her prey’s actions, questioning each move they make. It is this ability she acquired that gives her an advantage over others in the arena, in that she knows not to underestimate them and pay close attention to each action they take/make.

For the Hunger Games, two tributes from each District are sent to fight for survival. Katniss is sent with Peeta, a boy who basically saved her life a few years before. Right from the time he’s called as a tribute, Katniss is trying to decipher what his words and actions really mean. She questions his crying after being chosen, and (when they enter the arena) she questions his actions; such as his banding with the Career tributes and him saving her from Cato. Because she questions all his actions, she comes to the conclusion that Peeta is trying to protect her. She then understands that she has someone there who she can truly trust; and ally, a friend, a love. This information is pertinent to Katniss because it is this alliance she forms with Peeta that keeps both Peeta and Katniss alive, making Hunger Games history...
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