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I have found this print careers advert published by Accenture in “The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2011-2012” that is a guide to the leading employers who are recruiting graduate in U.K.. The image is dominated by an evanescent presence of a young woman who is enormous and disproportionate in respect to the metropolis she is looking at. The colours are mellow and shaded to convey a sense of surrealism. The lexicon used in the illustration constantly alludes to the endless human potential. The primary text states: “Be > You Imagined”, that literally means be greater than or be more than you imagined. The company offers you “greater opportunity, greater challenge and greater satisfaction”; this is an invitation and a positive promise at the same time. This job permits you to explore yourself and to achieve more than you would ever expect. Then it is recalled that Accenture is a leading global social body, thus also collaboration and the ability to work in group are fundamental. If you are really flexible and prefer to rotate around different positions, in Accenture you can even change role, while remaining inside the company. You will not be restricted to your job position forever. You can move on to something different or climb the career ladder thanks to your merit, commitment and motivation. The last part of the text invites the reader into a dialogue with them in order to “discover how great you can be”. Thus it seems to promote principally the personal and inner interests of the potential employees. This global business delivers ‘high performance’, to work there you must aim to be a specific type of person: the high performer, a person who aspires to excellence and perfection. This advert is primarily addressed to new graduates seeking a career in management consulting, technology and outsourcing. However, the underlying message could be extended to involve a wider target audience. In fact, it appeals to every person who endlessly aspires to surpass one’s limits: ‘to be more’ is always an overcoming. The main aim is to make every graduate strongly desire a job in the company, more than anything else; in this sense it is also a powerful manipulation device.

1.1Second Illustration
Figure 2: PricewaterhouseCoopers Internship Advert

I have selected this print advert from the “Top 50 Placement & Internship Employers 2011-2012”, which is a U.K. student’s guide published by, a website set up by students to share their internship experiences. This guide is particularly interesting because it ranks employers on the basis of the students’ feedback. This illustration was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) one of the global leaders in professional service. Regarding the primary subject matter, the principal text of the advert and the image are strictly connected. The setting of the picture is realistic, it represents a girl who is revealing her head from a pop up tent. It suggests she is camping alone in a forest, yet she looks happy, satisfied and inspired. The names of all the six placement programmes begin with the word ‘insight’, which in the psychology vocabulary means introspection. Those internships are “unique”, they will help you to develop your skills, to find out “your strengths and interests” and to “boost your employability”. PwC offers an enriching, stimulating and challenging work experience with a very high degree of personal and professional development, that will lead to a continuous improvement, ‘to become more effective as a person’ (du Gay, 1996). The final part of the advert’s text is focused on praising the company. The emphasis is placed on the fact that PwC has been first in “The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers” for eight years consequently. The effect is to make the work experience even more covetable. The advert is obviously targeted at university students seeking for a placement in the field of professional service. The purpose is to convince the audience...
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