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1.0 Abstract:
This essay is an evaluation of a worldwide statement on the subject of most essential part of any organisation known as human resource management a.k.a. HRM. This essay will enlighten the study of the concerns in human resource management (HRM) which is dependent on two very important factors examining and appraising. This essay will also throw light on the difference which is between regions and the employees working in those regions. The main benefit of human resource management (HRM) is to present an efficient way to examine the concerns to an examining line manager or supervisor because making decisions and viewing number of problems concerning about the situation going on in business world show a path to minimize the attempt in the part of human resource also known as HR. This process helps a line manager to have a broad idea and provide more flexibility in a diverse circumstance to make a proper decision so that the work can be done perfectly and company can make profit out of it. This essay will also highlight the points on the environment which influences a company alongside with information of human being matters and the connection of many factors which are affecting the business world in present. 2.0 Introduction:

A term which is known as globalization in now a days has become a very important matter of consideration for the people of this world. In this present time the above mentioned term is missing by the department of human resources a.k.a. HR. The most important part of any company or organisation in this present time is human resource management (HRM). The aim of human resource management department is just not to solve the problems which are reasons by workers of an organisation or the problems created by organisation it self but the aim of human resource management (HRM) is to provide a competitive upper hand to a company in their business alongside with the manufactured goods superiority, production and accomplishing the aims and missions in appropriate point in time economically and successfully. The department of human resource management (HRM) is still mended to be improved in terms of hiring people for job. The employee should be selected on the basis of merit relatively than on the basis of any other source or power. The higher management should take notice of all the important aspects such as culture and tradition so that all employees can be bind like a bunch and an organisation can make most of their talent. 3.0. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM):

3.1. Connotation of Human Resource Management:
The meaning of human resource management (HRM) is to choose, expand, encourage and preserve human supply in a business. HRM first hire the right person for the job for example manager and workers. HRM guide and widen the hired ones. HRM then encourage the workers by awarding benefits and promotions. HRM also make sure that the best environment should be given to the workers to work freely. HRM direct concern is with the workers working for an organisation in other words it can be stated as to manage the workers in an organisation. (Alan Price, 2011) 3.2. Characteristics of Human Resource Management:

The subsequent are the main characteristics of human resource management: 1.HRM process is dependent on four purposes which are as follows: •Selection of human supply.
Expansion of human supply.
Encouraging of human supply.
Protection of human supply.
2.HRM is not a process which is done for only one time. HRM is known as continuous process. This process is mended to be change time by time depending on the conditions faced by an organisation. 3.There are mainly for perspectives for human resource management which are as follows: •Business perspective

Individual perspective
Social perspective
Group or unit perspective
4.HRM is a universal practice for any sort of business such as schools, universities, transport department, corporations and etc. 5.HRM department...
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