Essay on Freedom

Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 23, 2013
All must have seen the glow on the western sky at the time of sunset and a young sky moon appearing over the trees. At this hour the river is generally calm. Its clear surface reflects the bridge, the train running over it, the tender moon and a little later the stars in the sky. All these together present a marvelous sight. This is a beautiful enchanting scene. To give it full attention and to observe it keenly one’s mind must be free from all kinds of worries, anxieties, preoccupations and speculations. Only when one’s mind is free in the in the best sense of the term one can really observe and enjoy the splendid beauty. In this matter lies a clue to the problem of freedom. Mere independence does not mean freedom. Many people in the world are certainly independent but few are free. One of the key implications of freedom is intelligence. It comes to one when one understands the various aspects of one’s environment. Environment is of many kinds, such as, social, religious, parental and a host of traditional influences. One requires deep insight to be free from and understand all kinds of influences. It has been generally observed that one submits to these influences when one is inwardly frightened. One is afraid of a whole lot of things like not being able to have a good position in life, of what the priest will say, of not following the tradition and of not doing the right thing. Freedom is nothing but a state of mind which has no place for fear of anything. It is a state of mind where there is no compulsion and no urge to be safe in life. As a matter of fact most of us want to be safe and want people to praise us. all of us want to be famous and important. We want to be so many things. But the moment we want to be something or some body we are no longer free. If we want to be a so called man of status and position, such as, a politician, a man of authority, a virtuous, noble and saintly person we are no longer free. These aspirations and ambitions are absurd....
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