Essay on Flash Flood

Topics: Negros Oriental, Muddy Waters, Oven Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: September 8, 2012
By aeoncraft
Now I know what a flash flood is like. 
I "spoke" too soon at my last status update.  Shortly after that, I got cut off from facebook because of a power outage.  Barely an hour later, brown muddy water started creeping across the floor from under the closed door.  I pulled down the main switches even if the power was out and ran to the back to get the piece of plywood which, according to my cousin's instructions (this is his house), I was supposed to place against the door outside to keep the water from coming in, while calling to my son to wake up. My cousin's family had been staying elsewhere for more than a week and it was just my son and I who were here.  On my way back to the front door the water was past my ankles and rising fast. My son ran past me to open the back gate of the garage to let the water through and I got the keys from him to unlock the grilled entrance of the house on the other side in case we decided to escape. Water was already rushing into the house through these grills.  The neighbor to our left and her two sons were wading away from their house in now calf-deep water and she shouted for us to leave. My son and I looked at each other, "should we leave?" My cousin's dog, Braddock was trying to jump over the plywood to come into the house. I picked him up and placed him on top of the wooden sofa. We looked at the free standing spiral staircase that would have led up to a planned second floor. Nah. We grabbed the computer (it was closest to the staircase), connections dangling, and put the whole set up on one of the stairs. Braddock started whining. The sofa was floating. I waded to him but he couldn't wait and swam to me.  I carried him to my son who was on the staircase pushing together the CPU, monitor, keyboard and speakers on an upper stair. The water had risen higher than the piece of plywood and was pouring in with coconuts, tree stumps and other flotsam. I looked out the door and saw that the garage...
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