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Social Networking Sites like Facebook Made the World a Better Place Appearing on the world stage in 2003, Facebook has revolutionized the average person’s social network into an unprecedented web of information available in the palm of a hand. With just a few clicks or taps on one’s mobile app, one can meet people, see friends from high school and even make contacts with potential business interests. Unfortunately, social networking sites like Facebook have not made the world a better place because it is a waste of time for the user. As time is important to people, it can be better spent doing productive things, beneficial for one’s life. As the old adage goes, time is of the essence, and if it is not used wisely, the consequences are never good. Social networks have become more than just connections with people, they have accumulated add-ons like Farmville, Mafia Wars and other games in order to keep users entertained. In these games, the user plays for virtual money, often spending many hours each day building farms and collecting sheep and other animals. With millions of users signed-up for such add-ons, it is not hard to deduce that they are wasting millions of hours each day decorating farms and collecting garden tools. It is, however, true that if used right, the site can connect users with people of same interests, thus building a name for a person, if s/he is a writer for example. Nevertheless, a few possible connections with someone one may or may not know, are not enough to justify endless periods of brain-numbing activity, that lead one to a few more points and virtual coins on a virtual farm with virtual food and animals. Farms and animals, however, are not the only roadblock for the progress of a society. With millions of people on-board, their pictures, in mostly public profiles are available for everyone to view. With the more attractive profiles getting most of the viewing, like before, countless hours are spent looking at pictures of total...
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