Essay on Equal Rights

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  • Published : August 4, 2012
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Compare and Contrast essay on equal rights
"This type of legal marriage must be forbidden because natural instinct revolts it as wrong"

Throughout the history of the United States, there has been a class system that tried to define the people who lived here. The people who started this system gave large rights to those who would benefit from it, while at the same time restrict those they deemed unworthy of such privilege. In the beginning this burden fell mainly on the slaves who built the nation, and the woman who maintained the families. This class of human was lower than the superior white male and therefore could not think freely for themselves. A result of this there was a barring of marriage between two different races. Now in our time we find that very common; especially in the city that we live in today. But now the inferior class has shifted in our Consciousness. In today's world many people find gays and lesbians as substandard compared to the straight human. And for them, they must prevent any chance of this inferiority to spread. So like the system did before, they prevent them from exercising civil rights given to others , like marriage. And like the civil rights movement of 1950 and 1960's, it is up to the common people now to ensure that gays and lesbians are given a free and fair shot to everything we are entitled to in this country. With some perspective on civil rights history, it is easy to compare the trials that gays and lesbians go through, to what interracial couples experienced in the early stages of its prevalence. Many things were said during that time by people in position of authority to try to give a valid reason to what they were doing. It was also a way of them reasserting control of a situation that they felt was getting out of hand. "This type of legal marriage must be forbidden simply because natural instinct revolts it as wrong". This was a quote from a Wisconsin senator which was gathered be Eric Zorn. This statement...
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