Essay on Environmentally Friendly Technologies

Topics: Biofuel, Environment, Carbon dioxide Pages: 6 (1982 words) Published: May 23, 2013

As much as cynicism surrounding the use of ecofriendly vehicles is that they will be slow and thus be a set back to the gains made in motor sports over the years the bottom line is it’s an important step towards having our children and other generations live in a better future than destroy their live hood today. Since the stakes are high as far as environmental degradation and global warming are concerned motor sport companies should devote their energies to come up with motor sport vehicles that observe safety and environmental technologies.

Top tier motor sports such as Formulae one should be encouraged to install solar powered engines in their new models because the amount of pollution viz a viz global warming has reached an alarming level. The world’s highest efficiency solar cells are made from silicon and will enable an eco friendly vehicle to move at the same speed as the one that is using fuel. This will not only save on fuel costs but curtails pollution as well. (McKenna, 150-160)

It’s prudent that manufacturers of motor sport vehicles come up with models that have a fuel economy of 30% or below to ensure that we live in a cleaner environment as we try to solve a problem that is already with us. As a matter of fact diesel engines that are clean have attracted the same attention being given to engines that are environmentally friendly in Europe since they release few emissions of carbon dioxide to the environment and at the same time when compared to gasoline oil they have a better fuel economy. (Stern, 140-147)

The manufacture of Motor sports cars, their activities, facilities and events have an impact on the environment. Impacts on environmental diversity, energy consumption, waste use, air pollution, waste disposal and emission of green house gases are crucial issues that the motor sporting fraternity needs to address as a matter of urgency. Instead of using the popularity of the sport to further degrade the environment they should use it to spread awareness on the importance of using eco friendly technologies in not just motor sports but all other vehicles.

Because of the danger those future generations are exposed to due to global warming and pollution that has now reached alarming levels this paper argues that governments should encourage the use and purchase of hybrid vehicles recognized by environmental bodies as well as the government as environmental friendly and fuel efficient in all kinds of motor sports. Tighter controls should be enacted as far as vehicle usage and purchase are concerned so that vehicles for motor sports are not acquired through proxy.

Some of the environmental friendly vehicles in the world today include “Bethany” an eco friendly car produced by the University of Cambridge Eco racing team (CUER). This one of a kind vehicle has already competed in a world major championship the World Solar Challenge that was held in Australia in 2009 and it didn’t disappoint. They provided the UK best mark in an endurance race that takes up to 3000km across the outback. They attained this while competing against corporate and university teams across the globe. Yet some of these teams had a $1 million budget.

By having an uncompromising approach to performance and efficiency they came up with a vehicle that is capable of moving at 60mph with a power that is equal to that of a hair dryer. This elegant vehicle has 6 meters square of silicon solar cells which are the world’s most efficient cells. Electrical efficiency,aerodynamics,rolling resistance and weight have been put together to come up with a vehicle that uses almost fifty times less power that a petrol car would use yet has an infite range of potential. (Rajagopal, 179-186)

Simulation and extensive modeling with the aid of computers should aid motor sports car manufacturers in coming up with...
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