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Drinking and driving affects all road users. “Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive.” [online] Available at :< >.When a person drinks several of the bodily functions that we as humans rely on whilst driving can be affected. A driver who is intoxicated has a poorer judgement of speed and distance, which makes drunk drivers unable to control the vehicle correctly and safely. A poor judgement of both speed and distance means your reaction times as a driver are reduced greatly. Drivers under the influence of alcohol suffer from a reduced field of vision, causing them to see traffic later than they should, which therefore gives them less time to react. When intoxicated many people become over confidence, and when placed behind the wheel of a car this can be deadly. This over confidence results in drivers taking unnecessary risks which increase the dangers to all drivers. This particular topic is a social issue because it affects not only the intoxicated driver but others around him. Due to the actions taken by the drunk driver damage can be caused to those around him. Cases of drink driving have fallen in 2010, however 250 people died, and 1,230 people were seriously injured (BBC, 2011). It’s not only other road users who are at risk, in 2011 Sophia Elizabeth was convicted of drink driving and three cases of hit and run (BBC, 2011). Drink driving can cause damage to people’s property which is not on the road, this includes the obvious things such as parked cars, but it also includes homes and gardens that intoxicated drivers have crashed into. In 2010 a man was charged with drink driving after crashing into a bungalow near Norwich (BBC, 2010). In some cases the passengers of the car are unaware that the driver is under the influence and that he is putting their lives at risk. This is also a social issue because it uses up hours of police time that could be spend on other areas of crime that are harder to prevent. People drink drive due to many reasons, and the most common reason is ignorance. Intoxicated individuals are often ignorant of their condition or ignorant of the consequences their actions may have. Many individuals that have only consumed a small amount of alcohol often believe they still have the ability to perform to a high standard behind the wheel, however it is proven that body functions such as sight can be affected with very little amounts of alcohol. So although an individual may feel okay and not drunk their body is acting at a lower level than usual. Especially in youth groups, peer pressure has been known to be a reason behind drink driving. Peer pressure is one of the reasons why a third of men admitted to drink driving, a survey has revealed. [online] Available at :< >. A minority of people resist change, and continue to drink and drive for the reasons above, and these people are putting other road users and pedestrians in danger. In order for a drink driving campaign to be launched a target group must be identified. Drink driving occurs throughout a wide range of the public however it is particularly common in one group of people. Due to research conducted the target group is males between 17 to 29 years of age. Males aged between 20 and 24 being the most likely to drive whilst intoxicated. [online] Available at: . Due to the legal driving age being 17, targeting people younger than that wouldn’t be necessary however the younger children who are 15 or 16, who are approaching the legal age to begin to learn to drive, would still see this campaign and it is likely it would have an effect on the way they act when they eventually pass their driving test. 40% of drink drivers have previous convictions, and drink drivers are twice as likely to have a criminal record as another member of the public from the same age and gender. [online] Available at: . Thanks to research conducted this sections has been able to...
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