Essay on Decision to Teach

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Essay on Decision to Teach
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At an early age I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. It was not always clear to me why that was such a strong goal, but as I have matured the reasons have become very clear. Teaching is a profession in which one can have impact on many people and on the quality of life lived by those people. It is my belief that my best place in the world is within that profession in which I can help many individuals, especially small children, and have a part in improving society for the next generation. True, the teaching profession today is beset with difficulties--lack of status and mediocre salaries--but for me, the advantages far outweigh the liabilities. In solidifying my decision to teach it is important to examine the daily experiences of an elementary school teacher, the pros and cons of teaching (economic and personal), and to summarize my vocational decision in terms of the ideas of writers, philosophers, and experts in the area of teaching. In the daily routine of running an elementary classroom, the instructor has tremendous freedom. She may create a world of any nature within the four walls of the room and the five or six hours that she is with the children. This autonomy includes the particular tone of the classroom, a personal style of teaching and learning, control over the environment, creative working of ideas, choice in terms of methods, and expression of one's own philosophy of life and learning. The details of organizing the day, tracking the children's

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ve, team skill, people skills, manual dexterity, and physical stamina (Bolles 284). He lists no environmental hazards, and he believes that earnings in teaching are medium and employment opportunities are high, while the entry requirements are rather stringent. Earning possibilities vary according to the district and state in which one chooses to teach, and of course, if one chooses to teach, one is not necessarily limited to...
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