Essay on Decency

Topics: Sociology, Decency, Indecent exposure Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: January 27, 2008
Decency is a word with many meanings, depending in which connexion you use it. I have chosen to enjoin this issue a bit, so that it's about being decent to others, and how to prevent having an indecent behaviour.

Decency is something we all have. Some less than others. An example could be hosts on TV shows. Especially in talk shows you often see, that the host is touching the fine line between crossing the limit, or hitting the contest with a really good question/ultimatum.

We have read a scene from the show "The Next Contestant" by Frank Gilroy. In this scene a man, Walter Cartright, gets a challenge. He has to call his old girlfriend to get a date with her. If he succeeds he gets some expensive and luxuries presents. The dilemma consists of, that Walter Cartright is engaged with a woman named Doris, and they are getting married in a couple of weeks. It's his decision exclusively, if he wants to meet with this old girlfriend Catherine, and be a polite gentleman, or if he wants to blow of their date with not showing up. All the time he's conscious that the whole act will be shown in the television. That means that he doesn't behave the way he would do, if it was a real situation. The pressure from the host, and the fact that he knows, that the whole population could be watching him, makes him act different, and doubting the whole situation. What will Doris say to all of this, and will it change anything in their relationship?

To put up an ultimatum like this one, isn't to be very decent to this man Walter and his fiancé. It could have fatal consequences, and maybe in the end cost them their relationship. You could ask yourself, is your relationship worth sacrificing, as the result of gambling with love to win material things? I would definitely say, no. This example describes how people with a certain amount of power manipulate with others. Under normal circumstances Walter Cartright probably wouldn't take a challenge like this one, but all the...
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