Essay on Curriculum and Instruction

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Theories and Practices in Curriculum and Instruction
Marno AngaDr. Erlinda Navarro
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Finals Examinations - Answers
2. Search any Memorandum Order from DepEd or CHED and analyze their relevance to curriculum reengineering. According to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 38, Series of 2010 (kindly see attachment for copy of file), they have delineated the different subjects being taught in both AB and BS Psychology. They have broken the course into the following: General Education| 63 units| Required Course| 28 units| Basic Course| 8 units| Natural Sciences| 20 units|

Elective Courses| 15 units| Physical Education | 8 units| National Service Training Program| 6 units| | |

After reviewing and analyzing the said CMO, below are my analyses: STRENGTHS.
1) Strengthening of fundamentals. By focusing on the basic and foundations of psychology, the student will be able to have solid foothold on the subjects concepts. It will give them the idea of theoretical knowledge of the courses offered and thus creating an easier way of learning. 2) Establishing of clear prerequisites. In the CMO there is a clear flow on how the subjects should be taken. Having a simple to complex approach will give the students the sequential process need in learning. 3) Elective courses. The CMO also gave freedom for the school to teach subjects in psychology which are viewed as leaning towards other courses and also based on their goals, aims and objectives. By forming elective courses they have eliminated the overload problems student’s encounter. CHALLENGES.

1) Theories of Learning as an elective. In my view Theories of Learning should not be an elective. Though at a glance it may seem a subject for education majors, but learning is a continuous process. If Theories of Learning is clearly established or taught, a student can apply the concepts at the personal level, thus creating a more...
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