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My Culture

Culture was edited by Darrell L. Whiteman-a Professor of Cultural Anthropology in the E. Stanly Jones School of Evangelism and World Mission (1980s) who defined as an integrated system of learned, shared ideas that people in society carry in their heads, which in turn are expressed in the form of material artifacts and observable behavior that members of society shared in common. With this definition, I define it as the activities or work produced by a group of people by using their own knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws and customs in which these cultural activities had also been inherited from one generation of human beings to another. In my culture, we have some prehistorical events or activities that had been learnt and shared or inherited by our ancestor in which some of them are still practiced today.Prehistorical events or activities of my culture are listed as follows; -Payment of bride price or marital relations

-Leadership quality crises
-‘Sing sing and Waipa’
-Pig Killing
Marriage in our culture is not simply a uniting of man and women who are fond of each other. Rather it has the important function of establishing links between members of different clans in terms of relationship or relatives such as children of my son/daughter (grand son/daughter), daughter in law, sister in law, uncles, cousins and etc.This activity is a special type of relationship that creates a boundary between the both parties to make sure that they are blood related to each other and marriage is impossible to take place between them. During the marriage ceremonies there are significant exchange of properties such as pigs, money, banana, sweet potato and also foreign animals (sheep, cow or horse) are exchanged if the person is a son of a Chief or a business man in the community. Leadership Crises is an issue that had an impact on my society’s way of choosing the best leaders. This is a situation in which the community values the leadership...
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