Essay on Cultural Backgrounds and Sports

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Christelle Pierre
Essay on Cultural backgrounds and sports

I have found most people who are African/American prefer track and football. Where people who are Hispanic, prefer sports such as soccer and handball. My research also shows that most Asians would prefer cricket and gymnastics. The person I interviewed for the African/American culture was Zaccheaus Taylor; he is 17 and very active. Taylor plays football for his school and he takes the sport very seriously. He plays basketball on his free time, just for fun. When asked if he believed that most people in his culture played football and track, Taylor replied “Yes, definitely”. Taylor says he believes that it’s not really stereotypical to think this; it’s just what people like him want to do from the beginning. Taylor believes that most African/Americans are known to be fast and competitive. For the Hispanic culture, I interviewed 23 year old Maria Rocha who says she is not as active as she was a couple years back. Rocha used to participate in many school activities, but her favorites were soccer and swimming. Rocha doesn’t believe that the Hispanic culture plays soccer and handball most of all. She says that from what she knows, her family would rather do track than any other sport. I asked her if she thought it was a matter of where one comes from. Rocha replied “Actually, yes. I’m from El Salvador, but I know that people from Brazil and places as such do like soccer. So maybe most Hispanics do, just not many Salvadorans”. I interviewed Hoonjae Lim for the Asian culture. Lim is 15 and active. He runs track and is a cheer tumbler. Lim thinks that most people from his culture does gymnastics, but he is unsure about cricket only because he’s not sure what it is. I asked Lim if he thinks not being born in Korean might be a reason if his answer was different from someone who was actually born there. Lim replied “Most likely because the only thing I know is what my parents taught me. They might have a...
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