Essay on Craze of India

Topics: India national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Cricket Pages: 5 (1901 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Essay on the Craze of Cricket in India
by Subha Sarkar
Craze, courage, fear, fantasy, win… and the list goes on and on, of words that have found entry in the cricket lexicon. What do these words signify in their association with the world of cricket? Craze to grab the accessories of the favorite cricketers, courage to postpone the important activities when one knows the load of work pending can prove fatal if not done in time, fear of losing the match when six runs are required on the last ball, fantasy of imagining oneself among the names in the world of cricket and ‘lastly skipping the meals and praying for the last match win that can balance the series. What more? Cricket is in our blood. We watch cricket six months in a year and talk about it for the next six Months. Have we ever bothered so much about any other sport? Have we ever given a thought to the fact that we compel a person to take interest in every bit of information on the day of match from reporting pitch conditions to the presentation? Keeping aside intellectual reasons for the time being, we will realize that so many crickets have surpassed all possibilities for reasons. It is a mania a craze. For some people playing cricket is an obsession, it is a way of life, it is a passion. Others enjoy themselves watching cricket and the real fanatic have a passion to know cricket. Playing and watching do not seem to satisfy their quest for cricket. Knowing about players both professionally and personally charm the fans. It is the hot topic of discussion in the crowd of those aspiring to ornate the career with the achievements in cricket. Should we take liberty to call it ‘mania’ or is it only an interest that has captured the prime importance in the life of individuals? Whatever it may be, the fact is that cricket entertains its fans, rejuvenates them and unites them on one platform. Cricket has grabbed the attention of its fans all over the world. Those who are really mad about cricket spare time from the busy schedule to play, watch, collect information, discuss, understand and appreciate cricket. In their words, “Cricket is a wonderfully civilized act of warfare, the greatest thing that God ever created/the craze, excitement and fun in cricket is the result of personal interests of the people. However, somewhere media has also come to play a vital role in the publicity of the game. Accordingly, there are two prime reasons for the cricket mania: Role of Media:

“Media is the second most powerful thing in the world after God.” — Anonymous This statement has hidden truth that can be understood and appreciated in the field of cricket. Media has taken cricket to masses. Whether it is advertisement on television, sports columns in newspapers, movies on this subject or sports-time in the news, everywhere cricket tops the priority list. The reason is clear; ‘cricket is in demand’. Apart from watching the players professionally, the fan club appreciates the players on television screen doing something not related to cricket. Today the shining names in this game are in contract with one or the other company. Looking from the company’s perspective, return or investment on cricket is in the form of huge profits. Why not? The ones, who adore Mahendra Singh Dhoni using Reebok accessories, feel that using these accessories can make them strong and look like the man himself. If it is Reebok for Dhoni, it is Boost for Sachin Tendulkar. Taking Boost day and night is necessary for the fans not because the product has something to do with health benefits — it is secondary — but because Sachin Tendulkar is the man behind promotion of the product; because at 5ft 4 inch, he continues to stand tall in cricket with the largest fan club; because after sixteen years in the business, he is still the highest earning celebrity and over Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. This fact was reconfirmed on May 6, 2006, when his management from ICONIX signed Tendulkar for a whopping Rs. 180 Crore...
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