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Topics: Medicine, Health, Health care Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The Causes of Increased Life Expectancy
People are living much longer than before. It is considered to be main factor that determines a nation health. There are several other reasons of increased life expectancy such as increasing evolution of medical science, having longer working hours and having more concern about one’s own lifestyle. One of the causes that life expectancy is increased is evolution of medical science. The advanced technology in medical science improved the health of a person which results to longevity of life. Moreover, the invention of new techniques and medicine provide better health care including diagnosis. Therefore, doctors are able to cure harmful diseases such as cancer and tumour. In addition, health maintenance organizations are designed to promote disease prevention and reduce medical expenditure. Therefore, a person could be provided with easy and reasonable medical treatment. In addition to access to better medical technologies, the second cause of increased life expectancy is having longer working hours. The earnings from longer working hours relieve stress and strain in family life that flows from financial difficulties. Moreover, these extended working hours cause less burden for the government to fund a huge pension. An individual lives longer and earns more and more money. No doubt working for long hours affect an individual’s health but still a person might prefer to do it in order to get stress free finances. Finally, the third cause of increased life expectancy is having more concern about one’s own lifestyle and health. People pay more attention to their nutrition such as eating more healthy food, watching their diet is balanced and controlling their appetite. Furthermore, they also get plenty of exercises such as aerobics or yoga. These exercises help them to be more active both mentally and physically which further leads to longevity of life. In short, people are...
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