Essay on Christopher Colombus

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We are interested in how Columbus relates to the Amerindians in the contact zone that Mary Louise Pratt describes in her article on transculturation. Pratt claims that boundary negotiations occur in contact zones that result in one people gaining power over another people. We are testing her theory by doing a close reading of Columbus’ journals I and III to see how he negotiates with the Amerindians. We are then doing a close reading of the Zuni Emergence narrative “Talk Concerning the First Beginning.” While the Zuni are located in the region of New Mexico and are not the Indians that Columbus encountered, we are using their text as an exercise in imagining how two different cultures might communicate. I have structured the way you will think about this encounter. I would like you to think about how different approaches to religion, language, and trade influences interactions. You can come up with your own approach. Develop a thesis about how these interactions form a relationship between the peoples in the contact zone between the Amerindians and Columbus. Since this is a close reading of text you will need a thesis that is derived from your understanding of the details of the text. You will state your thesis in the first sentence of the main idea paragraph. Do not write an “introduction.” Instead, write a main idea paragraph in which you state your thesis, explain your thesis and give the summary of the three ways you will prove your thesis. Do not use generalizations, absolute statements, quotes, and references to secondary resources, feelings or opinions. This is a close reading of text and your thesis statements will be logical conclusions based on evidence from the text. In the body of the paper you will analyze the thesis using topic sentences that are derived logically from the thesis. You will begin each part of your argument with a topic sentence. You will end each paragraph with a transition to the next concern. After each...
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