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Arnab B Chowdhury

Founder and Knowledge Architect, Ninad Consultancy Services,

When Technology Meets Health Care in
Knowledge Society...
Aurosiksha: online learning platform for blindness prevention workers “Intelligence and capability are not enough. There must also be the joy of doing something beautiful. Being of service to God and humanity means going well beyond the sophistication of the best technology, to the humble demonstration of courtesy and compassion to each patient.”

- Dr. G Venkataswamy (Founder Chairman - Aravind Eye Care System) Abstract: This case study (www. is about two great
movements one in Technology (the FOSS)
and the other in Health Care - the Aravind
Eye Care Systems (AECS) and LAICO that
trains blindness prevention workers. At
the confluence of the two is an eLearning
platform called Aurosiksha, which is
based on Moodle. Aurosiksha seeks to
reach out to the global user, share its rich
knowledge base, and in the process create
a community of lifelong learners.
mLearning, Mobile Moodle, AECS,
Aravind, Aravind Eye Care System,
Vision 2020, WHO, LAICO, Aurosiksha,
eLearning Platform, knowledge society,
social health care.

As we all know, the Free and Open Source
Software (FOSS) movement began as
a renegade call to what was felt to be
increasing restrictions on collaborative
development, distribution, and ownership
of software[2]. Free software focuses on
the philosophical freedoms (a matter of
liberty rather than price) it gives to users,
whereas open-source software focuses
on the perceived strengths of its peer-topeer development model. Openness, coownership, and transparent collaboration continue to drive the FOSS movement.
Development, modification, ownership,
and redistribution of software could now
be cohesively managed by communities
of like-minded developers. This also led
to an evolutionary model of copyright
and licensing (GPL) ensuring community
The FOSS movement has evolved
from the stages of philosophy and licensing
into a complex and pragmatic ecosystem
for software production and distribution
benefiting humanity globally. FOSS has
introduced technological self-reliance,
efficient use and sharing of resources, and

C SI Communications | June 2012 | 12

collaborative innovation and development.
One of the most significant areas where the
FOSS movement has made strides is in the
field of education. During the past decade,
education has been rapidly reorganized to
leverage information and communication
technology (ICT) within the classic
teaching-learning-assessing cycle.
At the foundation of FOSS is a desire
for an equitable and open model of access
to knowledge.
If one of the aims of FOSS technologies
is dissemination of educational content,
then Aurosiksha is a case in point.

The Case
Aurosiksha is an online learning
management system (LMS). An initiative
launched recently (25th July, 2011) in its
beta version by Lions Aravind Institute
of Community Ophthalmology (LAICO),
established in 1992 with the support of
the Lions Club International, SightFirst
Program, and Seva Sight Program.
LAICO is Asia's first international
training facility for the broad range

of blindness prevention workers from
India and other parts of the world. It
contributes in improving the quality of eye
care services through teaching, training,
capacity building, advocacy, research,
and management consultancy. It offers
university-affiliated long-term courses
in Eye Care Management, with eye care
management programs for directors of
eye hospitals, program managers, as well
as several skill development courses in
the areas of instrument maintenance,
marketing, counseling in India, Africa,
and South East Asia.
LAICO accomplishes this objective
within the broader...
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