Essay on Ben Franklin's Autobiography

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Essay of The Autobiography
In Ben Franklin’s Autobiography, he recalls many events that happened in his lifetime. Some of the events I question why he even bothered to mention, some were not relevant to anything. Franklin’s personality does come off like he can do anything that he sets his mind to. Especially when it comes to writing.

Ben Franklin talks about how he was sent to work for his brother James as a printer for the next eight years. This allowed him to developed his own writing skills, by imitating the style used by professional writers. Ben got a copy of The Spectator, imitated its style and learned the method in arrangement of thoughts. He is always checking himself to make sure that he is improving in writing.

His brother starts a newspaper, Ben publishes his work anonymously and after hearing his brother praise the article, Ben gets a ton of confidence. After always fighting with his brother, he leaves and moves to Philadelphia. Governor William Keith decides to help Ben set up a printing house, they agree that he will get help from the government , but that he must also get money from his father. When he returns to ask his father, he learns that his father will not help him out because he thinks Franklin is too young. He also learns that James is still very bitter over what happened between them.

Franklin rises up to become better than the people who were superior to him earlier in life. He writes about his conflicts with his brother who he thought he was superior to and kind of got revenge by going to Philadelphia and winding up printing the most successful newspaper in Philadelphia.

Franklin knows that writing is a tool thought which he can communicate his ideas and argue points, and he believes that it is this state of mind that helps him become such a success that he is later on in his life.
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