Essay on Arts and Music

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School is a place for student's overall development. They become successful by learning various things in school, like, Academics, sports and extra curricular activities. Interestingly, inclusion of extra curricular activities like music, arts and drama in student's timetable has caused a lot of debate. Some people argue that these subjects are not important and they should focus on computers and science. However, I strongly disagree with the idea of eliminating music and drama from schools. My opinion is based on several factors. I will explain two conspicuous reasons in this essay.

One of the most significant reason to support the existence of creative subjects like music, drama and arts is freedom of choice. Every individual has different qualities, thoughts and skills. Some students are really good in computers while others are naturally talented in music and drama. So, they must get chance to choose their favorite field. For example, If we barricade upcoming talent in singing and acting, undoubtedly, we would not see any other Lata mangeshkar and Amitabh bachan in the future. Students need expert mentoring to nurture their talent in singing, dancing and acting. This could only be possible by encouraging and teaching such subjects in schools.

Another possible factor to include creative subjects in school is popularity and big money. Gone are the days when dancers and singers were underestimated and paid below par. In this era of globalization every second person is becoming computer professional or engineer. This makes job market very competitive, however, if a person is qualified dancer or singer, he can earn handsome money through various ways. For example, many television competitions are offering huge amount of money to the contestants. Moreover, creative persons can always open schools to teach others.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, this is the era of computer and science, however every individual is independent to make their career choice....
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