Essay on Anthem by Ayn Rand

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To live in a world with no opposition, no opposing opinions, perfect obedience among citizens must exist. Creating laws that grant permission and forbid all other opinions can help lessen opposition. Also to avoid the problem of opposition one can provoke fear. The leaders in Anthem create a world that works as a single unit to completely cut out any chance of rebellion.

The leaders set up a system that forces the brothers to work as a single unit. The work system works in a way where the Council of Vocations assigns each person a specific job. This keeps society running smoothly so nothing will remain undone. This also equals out the job opportunities, eliminating competition and qualifications. People obey the idea of existing as a single unit because they learn this method during their youth and strongly believe in it: “We are one in a all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, one, indivisible and forever” (19). The leaders use the saying to describe how no man can stand alone. The community works as a single unit, almost like parts of a machine where each man works a gear, completing the specific task assigned to it. This sort of pledge to society insists nothing but ‘we’ exists, any man considering himself an individual does not exists. The idea of a single person, I, does not exists in any man’s imagination. The idea, and in fact word, I, never got introduced to them. The brothers must work together in order to feel part of something, part of society.

The leaders set up society giving the citizens as little opportunities for imagination as possible. “Since the council doesn’t know of this hole, there can be no law permitting to enter. And everything which is not permitted by law is forbidden” (31). Only listing permitted things rather than listing forbidden things removes any ideas that may enter into a possible imaginest or rebel’s head. Rules of things not to do often tempt people to do them; people get their illegal ideas from the...
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