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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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A teacher may be defined as someone who is in charge of taking empty brains and shaping them according to today’s needs.This task,surely,brings teachers lots of roles and responsibilities along.

  According to Chomsky,the teacher’s role in the transmission of learning is to keep the children engaged in the learning process and interested in exploration and independence(Chomsky,1992).

Considering Chomsky’s explanation,we may take it as one of the roles of a teacher to create effective and stimulating opportunities.

There is no doubt that everybody is attracted and inspired by different things.When being in a classroom that is a mixture of learners having different   characteristics such as visual,audial etc. is taken in to consideration,we may easily understand the importance of this role.A teacher is expected to find the best way that will take   learners’ attention to the lesson and to teach them the subjects without boring them.

To find a mid way appealing   to almost everyone helps   the teacher to control class management and follow a planned way to teach.Whereas,considering learners’ ages and learning abilities the fact of finding different ways,as using same methods may bore them, to keep students’ attention alive all the time may cause an extra burden for teachers and they may have to spend their free time on this.

Secondly,another very prominent role of a teacher is to value all of her learners equally and individually.

As commonly accepted,everybody has different backgrounds,cultures,religions and learning abilities. If the teacher values all of her students equally and tries to know them well,she will understand their capabilities,weaknesses and strengths easily and she will be able to discover their personalities better , facilitate their learning and help them to find the best way to follow in education.
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