Essay on 'Death of a Salesman'

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  • Published : November 1, 2008
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Death of a Salesman essay

This essay explains the relevance and importance of dreams in the play; “Death of a Salesman”. There are three different types of dreams that each are very important in this play, these are; hopes and ambitions, daydreams and fantasies and the American dream. The play is based on Willy Loman who tries to achieve the American dream, but never accomplishes it, which distorts his reality, turning it into false fantasies.

The American dream is based on being rich, being popular and successful and having the best quality of everything. It is everyone’s dream to live this life, but it is not possible for everyone. Willy Loman has this same dream, but he cannot achieve it. Willy is an unsuccessful salesman, who looks up to his brother Ben because he is rich and successful. Willy is married to Linda, and they have two sons; Biff and Happy. Willy thinks being popular and well liked leads to success and wealth, but this is a false dream. His longing for the accomplishment of the American dream affects his whole family and his friends. The Loman family have a lot of debts due to consumerism. Willy buys new cars and the best refrigerator, since having the best of everything is part of the American dream. He buys these products even though he can’t afford them causing the Loman family to have financial problems. Willy buys these products to make it seem he is living the American dream, but actually these goods help him to make the illusion of living the American dream more realistic. Willy affects his whole family with his longing for the American dream. He tells his sons when they are young that popularity is the key to success; “Because the man who makes an appearance in the business world…is the man who gets ahead” (this again emphasizes on willies fake reality). Linda knows that they do not live the American dream, she keeps track of the bills; she is not blinded by the American dream, but plays along with Willy to try making him satisfied...
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