Essay of the Mba Program in Kogod School of Business, American University

Topics: Management, Goal, Electricity generation Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Essay of the MBA program in Kogod School of Business, American University

MNTC, my painstaking effort, is aggressively aimed to produce for China's electric power enterprises the best RFID chip, and to provide the power equipment inspection departments and clients with decoders and background service. After quitting from the bank job, I immediately created MNTC, which has always been carefully treated as my child. For its robust growth, I have tried my best to be the world's most attentive father. RFID chips function as both equipment IDs and recorders. First, write customer information into the chips and encrypt it through the encryption system out of our own independent research and development, and then install those chips into all sorts of needed electric power equipments, so as to equip the corresponding departments and users with the ability to access the devices through network in a secure and efficient manner.

After having successfully solved the financial and the human resource crisis, the usual issues encountered during the initial period of an enterprise development, I further established a background system development team. Since then, MNTC won the first sum of financing, which made me wholly aroused. But the company being bigger and stronger forced me to feel that my already insufficient management skills is eventually unable to fulfill the development needs of MNTC. And hence I deeply realize the very importance of more advanced management concepts and strategies. Advancing my management ability is indeed the short-term goal, and this is closely related to most courses in the Kogod School of Business. The study and research on those courses can definitely cultivate me to be a more prudent and masterful manager. Upon graduation, I have faith that, not only can I take the most of the improved economic modes to implement better cost control, but also I could apply more brilliant business strategies to explore the expansive ways of MNTC.

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