Essay of "Materialistic Phenomenon"

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Hong Kong Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to letter written by Mr. C.Y. Lee, which appeared in today's newspaper. In the letter, Mr. Lee criticizes about the materialistic pursuits brought by various media shaping a money oriented culture. Someone claims that the media is only the medium of transmitting information from the businessmen and it does not have any actual responsibility for turning our world into an interest-based community. Some people insist that media is only showing the reality to us and that is responsibility of them. In my opinion, however, media should be responsible for shaping the materialistic culture in our community. I strongly agree with the point of view of Mr. Lee but we should not blame the media only and should educate the next generation the correct living attitudes in order to pull everything back on track. I will use several examples to support my opinion and statement of Mr. Lee.

To begin with, media is always focusing on reporting the extravagant lifestyle of celebrities. Celebrities are the spotlight of the public and teenagers are always imitating the people they admire such as idols. There are seldom any news about the materialistic life style of the idols and stars, “The luxury wedding ceremony of Cathy Tsui in Sydney” and “Leon Lai has bought the latest model of Ferrari”, and these are what we often see in the newspapers or magazines. What’s more, some brands are using celebrities as their mouthpiece, such as Nicole Kidman with Omega—the noble brand of watch, in order to attract the fans of Kidman and others who are admiring her. Based on psychology, people are always following the act of their reference group, and hence fans will buy such luxury watches since there may be no actual need. However, enjoying lavish lifestyle is costly and money is the maintenance of this. If the media is continuing of reporting this kind of news, the mindset of young adults will be contaminated and the consequence is they may consider their...
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