Essay of Lord

Topics: Pig, Domestic pig, Wild boar Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Chapter 6

After the assembly, all the boys go to sleep. Above them an aerial battle is taking place. A casualty of the battle floats down to the island on his opened parachute. The wind drags the body to rest at the top of the mountain. The breeze inflates the parachute occasionally, making the body appear to sit up and then sink forward again. Samneric, tending the fire on the mountain, catch a glimpse of the body's movement and hear the parachute inflating. They flee to Ralph in a panic with a story exaggerated by their fear. At dawn, Ralph calls an assembly, where they decide to investigate the only spot on the island left unexplored: the castle-like rock formation at one end. With Piggy and the littluns remaining behind on the beach, Ralph and the others go to the castle. Ralph goes first by himself, followed a few minutes later by Jack. After they establish that the beast is not there, the other boys join them in the castle and want to play there a while. They resist when Ralph announces that they need to all go check on the fire, but he forces the issue and Jack leads the way back up to the fire site.

Chapter 7
The boys set off for the mountain along the unfamiliar shoreline on the other side of the island. When they stop to eat some fruit, Ralph muses on his state of hygiene and that of the others. He longs for a soapy bath, a haircut, a toothbrush. He realises that the boys' dirtiness has become normal for them.At one point Ralph looks out to sea and has a sense that they are even more lost and remote than he had thought previously. Simon seems to know what he's thinking and tells Ralph that he believes he will be saved. However, he does not suggest that all the boys or even he himself will be saved.The boys discover droppings of a wild boar and a hunt ensues. The boar gets away but not without being speared by Ralph. His success at hitting the boar infects Ralph with pride and excitement about the hunt. All the boys are excited by the hunt, even...
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