Essay of Doom

Samer Rabadi 012/28/12

The book “The Mark of Athena” was a book full of random happenings. Unlike many books it’s told in the point of views of the characters. This book is full of suspense, humor, and action.

The book isn’t told in chapters like other books. It’s told in views of different characters. In this cake it is told in views of Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and Percy. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena so it’s interesting to see what goes through her mind since she is the daughter of the goddess of wisdom. Leo is the son of Hephaestus its interesting to see what goes through his mind because his brain works like a machine. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty it’s interesting to see her mind because she can tell emotions quickly. Percy is the son of Poseidon its fun to look into his mind because he talks to horses. Truly, this way of narration is interesting. This book has humor for many reasons. Like I said Percy can talk to horses, the horses have potty mouths according to Percy. Leo is a comedian so he makes many jokes and they are funny most of the time. Leo also does a lot of stupid things like setting this on fire, which is actually funny. Annabeth is smarter than the rest so it’s funny when she corrects everyone. Truly, this book is funny. It’s full of action for many things. Percy and Jason were possessed my Eldon’s, they ended up is a sword jousting battle. Another time was when Leo fired an exploding arrow at Rome, starting a war. Leo also started a nymph riot that chased him. Leo also fought 2 robots with only his fire powers to save his friends. Truly, this is action book as well as comedy. This book is told in points of views not chapters so it’s different from many books. This book was a really good book. I highly recommend it to anyone. In conclusion this is a really good book.
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