Essay of comparative commentary

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  • Published : September 22, 2013
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There are many alarming issues in the world, and each day there are more problems and complaints and less solutions and good actions. Many of these issues are based on the environmental problems. This concerns everybody, but almost nobody tries to do something about it. As regards this, many organizations have been starting to do campaigns against pollution, and trying to encourage people to care about the Earth. Both text 2A “Both Text 2A “Terrified” and Text 2B “Friends of the earth, what your support can do” are clear instances of environmental problems. The former, an extract of a novel written by Arthur Tofte in 1987, which is about an alien who arrives to Earth and talks with a boy named Bob about the horrible conditions of the Earth in which Bob lives in. The latter, a recruitment leaflet created by Friend of the Earth in 1994, shows an immediate need for cooperation in order to improve nowadays environmental conditions. Although both texts strike the theme of environmental problems, they differ as regards tone, formal elements, point of view, purpose, audience and genre. One aspect in which Text 2A and Text 2B are similar is audience. Both texts can be addressed to adolescents and young people. On the one hand, text 2B is written for that kind of audience since adolescents and young people have more energy to perform the variety of tasks suggested by the leaflet such as encouraging sustainable agriculture and forcing the clean-up of rivers and drinking water, promoting recycling, among others. Another reason for the audience of Text 2B to be made up of adolescents and young people is that the kind of activities presented are not economically rewarded, leading to the adults’ exclusion who need to devote their time to their jobs and paid, and not in voluntarily duties. Apart from this, it is generally believed that teenagers and youth have a flexible mind who can certainly contribute to raise awareness. Regarding to the addressees’ age it can be added...
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