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Case studies in abnormal behavior

-Abnormal Psychology at Rutgers- or friend her.

Quizzes after every two chapters
-write down when they are due

-don’t really need my psych lab

(FALSE) Abnormal behavior means bizarre behavior. [Bizarre is a subjective term] (FALSE) The line dividing normal and abnormal behavior is always clear. [Depends on the context] (FALSE) Low self-esteem can be cured with positive thinking. (FALSE) Is it always better to express anger than to hold it in. [More likely to be aggressive afterwards] (FALSE) People with schizophrenia have multiple personalities. (FALSE) Dr. Phil is a respected authority within the psychological community. [Usually WRONG] -------------------------------------------------

(TRUE) Abnormal psychology uses the application of science.

Examples and Definitions of Abnormal Behavior
-Take culture into account***

Recognizing the Presence of a Disorder

* Symptoms and signs of mental disorders are known as psychopathology. * -Pathology of the mind
* -indicates the mind/brain problem (why the word is not used much)

* Abnormal- the supplication of psychological science to the study of mental disorders * -The line dividing normal from abnormal is not always clear.

Recognizing the Presence of a Disorder

* Mental disorders are typically defined by a set of characteristics * Psychosis- is when one is out of contact with reality * -One system by itself is seldom sufficient to make a diagnosis.

* Syndrome-
* -A group of symptoms that appear together and are assumed to represent a specific type of disorder.

* Mental Disorders are defined in terms of:
* Duration or persistence of maladaptive behaviors
* Impairment in the ability to perform social and occupational roles * ~~FEMALES ARE MORE LIKELY TO SEEK HELP~~

Defining Abnormal Behavior

* By what criteria do we decide whether a particular set of behaviors or emotional reactions should be viewed as a mental disorder? * Individual experience of personal distress
* Statistical norms—how common or rare it is in the general population

* Harmful Dysfunction
* The condition results from the inability of some internal mechanism to perform its natural function. * The condition causes some harm to the person as judged by the standards of the person’s culture. * Not every dysfunction leads to a disorder.

* Culture
* Zar (Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East) * An experience of spirit possession. Symptoms may include dissociative episodes with laughing, shouting, hitting the head against a wall, singing, or weeping. Individuals may develop a long-term relationship with the possessing spirit. * Such behavior is not necessarily considered pathological locally.

* Disorders Caused by the Media
* Truman Show Delusion- One man, certain he was being fooled by crafty actors and elaborate sets, traveled to New York after 9/11 to see Ground Zero for himself. He’d assumed the attack was part of his show, and that seeing the towers standing would be his proof. Another sought asylum from his show in a Manhattan federal building.

* Münchausen by Internet-
* Münchausen by Internet is a patterned behavior of feigned illness, trauma or victimization carried out on the Internet. When the disorder was first identified in 2000, this took place mostly in chat rooms, forums or via IRC. Nowadays you’ll see it playing out via blogs and social media accounts, most famously in the case of 40-year-old Debbie Swenson. For two years, Swenson blogged about her (fabricated) experiences as a 19-year-old girl with leukemia.

* Conversion Disorder- The symptoms—nervous tics, for example—appear to...
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