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What does home mean to each of the characters in the play stolen?

Every person has their own role to play in this society, which cause them to have different point of views and different opinions on the exact same issue. As a consequence of that, people interpret the definition of an abstract concept with their own unique observations and understandings as well. The characters in the play “Stolen” by Jane Harrison, who were removed from their homes at various stages of lives as a result of the government’s assimilation policies, are not exceptions. Each one of them has their own unique understanding to the word “home” deeply down their heart consciously or unconsciously. For Jimmy, home was the symbolic term of his mother. When he was still a child, he had to leave his mother and constantly moving in between his relatives’ places. Stealing and hanging around was about everything he was doing for his entire childhood. Not long after, he was finally caught by the police at his uncle’s place. His teenage life was all about going in and out of jails until he was put into a ‘children’s home’ by the government policy. The ‘unspoken abuse’s he suffered during that time was like a payback more or less, some might think he deserve it, some might consider it to be awful. Anyhow, when he arrived at ‘children’s home’, he was told that his mother is dead, and the frequent letters she wrote to him over the years were never shown to him. Although at first he refused to believe in it, he was eventually conned into accepting it as the truth. As his mother was the symbol of home in his eyes, the loss of her made him lost his last spiritual support. Even after he was released, he did not ever attempt to find her, taking her to be dead until he was told otherwise in the pub. When he was properly to meet her, he expressed the excitement he had to finally see her again and also his hope that would finally belong. Then again they never met, as she died before they had a chance to...
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