Essay Money Matters

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James Nelson
Money Matters
Coach Carder 3rd period

Today, Americans have an astounding 609.8 million credit cards in their wallets. If all those cards were stacked up, they would create a tower 288 miles high. Here are some reasons proving that the paying with a credit card can be more beneficial for some people. Dave Ramsey says that people spend 18% more because spending cash “hurts” I disagree I think that I would spend the same amount with a credit card as long as I had the money to pay it off at the end of the month.             One reason that I feel like it is a better Idea to carry a credit card is because if you get robbed and you are carrying a lot of money you can’t get that back most likely but if you have a credit card you can cancel the card before they spend in any money in your name. Another reason, this may only be me (I doubt it) is that when you spend cash at a store you get change back in the form of coins which never get used and are a pain to walk around with sometimes also if you do decide to take back your coins to a “coin star” machine you can lose up to 25% of your money just putting the coins back to cash, the reason some people do this is because not all banks will take the coins from you in turn it to cash. Another reason is the pure simplicity of it and the time it can save you during a day where you are paid hourly, an example of this is what if it takes you an extra two minutes because you are digging through your wallet or purse getting the exact amount of money to pay on your meal or whatever if you make $30 an hour and it takes you an extra 2 minutes a day over the day to pay with cash in the morning and for lunch that is $2 a day you are losing from not clocking in 2 minutes before.             Dave tried to play off the rewards of using a credit card as nothing however it isn’t anything some credit card companies offer Amazon points or airline miles which can be redeemed. As long as you keep up with your...
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