Essay Mobile Phones

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Essay Mobile phones

The Samsung Google Nexus has been introduced currently. The Samsung Google Nexus is an example of a smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones are used for a lot of things. Of course smartphones are useful, you can call with them, update your Facebook profile and even turn on the heating at your home. However, we are not aware of the negative aspects of mobile phones.

Research has proven that the radiation caused by mobile phones is dangerous to human health, it causes cancer. If we would only use a mobile phone for highly necessary things, the mobile phone was actually created for, such unpleasant things could be avoided. It is not necessary to talk to your friends all day long and it is not necessary to tweet your activities every single minute! If such things did not happen, the radiation would be reduced and therefore also the diseases caused by radiation.

Also, the many tasks we give to our mobile phones are alarming. Are we not getting too dependant on mobile phones? We feel safe when we carry a phone with us, it gives us a feeling of security, to be able to contact anyone at any moment of the day. When you are in danger you can immediately warn the emergency services. However, when we are one hour or even one minute without our phone, we totally freak out. All our contacts, music, pictures, videos and even documents are on that little device. Although, this is handy, it also has a drawback: when you lose your mobile phone it is equal to losing your address book, mp3player, camera, laptop and video camera. Where have the telephone booths gone?

Besides that, it is very annoying while queuing up at the checkout when someone is answering his or her phone, especially when being in a hurry. It is said that mobile phones have made a positive contribution to social life. However, in some cases it definitely makes a negative influence to social life.

From the viewpoint of efficient time spending the smartphone contributes in a positive...
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