Essay Memories from a Sinking Ship

Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Memories from a sinking ship

The chapters “Memories of a sinking ship” and “The forgotten” is about a boy named Roy who lives alone with his mother because his father is dead. It’s all about Roys’ life and it’s from his point of view. In the first chapter “Memories of a sinking ship” Roy stays at his grandmother in Chicago. The first time the mother leaves Roy with the grandmother, she is out with a rich boyfriend in Mexico. The second time she leaves him she’s going to see a friend who had a house in Minnesota. Roy is angry at his mother because he’s not allowed to go with her. Roy thinks Chicago is boiling but when he arrives he decides that it’s a lie and the state is “hell”. In third chapter “The forgotten” Roy is at school but he skips school and instead he goes home to his mother. He skips school because he is angry about the way his teacher Mrs. Bluth talks to him. The themes in the story are care failure and childhood because it’s about a boy’ childhood and how the mother is falling him.

In the first chapter Roy is five years old. The way the mother communicates with him and how she raises him shows how independent he is. For example Roy asked about the mothers’ boyfriend Rafaelito Faz if he’s coming to Chicago with them. The mother reacts by saying: “Forget that one, Roy,” she said. “I don’t ever want to see that rat again.” She expects Roy to understand metaphor language that a rat is another way to say idiot. She speaks to Roy in a grown up language that a five years old never would understand. In the middle of the first chapter Roy is turn into seven when his is going to Chicago again to stay at his grandmother. Roys’ grandmother also talks to him like a grown up when Roy ask her about the new friend of his mother: “”Which one?” Roy asked. “There 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, Roy” his grandmother told him. Roy means that “which one” was one of the guys that the mother had dating before. But his grandmother pretends to understand his...
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