Essay Mark, Matthew, Luke and John

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The New Testament gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John offer four remarkably similar accounts of the life and passion of Jesus Christ. Scholars generally contend that Mark is the earliest of the four accounts and that it functions as a "major narrative source" for the gospels of Matthew and Luke. How came Matthew come first in the bible Before Mark? What is the basis of the sequence of the books of the bible? We have studied that the four gospels contains different view about our Lord Jesus Christ. John includes many lengthy discourses of Jesus around which narrative is woven. 55-65)-Matthew's purpose was to show to the Jews that Jesus was the Son of God, the Messiah-King MARK-Mark is the shortest Gospel; written to a Gentile audience, particularly Roman citizens. Also that Jesus is the Messiah-King-Other dominant themes are the church (16:18; 18:19), the Second Coming of Jesus (Mark traditional picture of Christ was the Bull (service, power)-Mark was probably the first Gospel written (A. -Mark uses brevity in accounts, with rapid movement, to give a sense of urgency to the gospel message; key expression is "immediately?'-Mark focuses on Jesus as servant who ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of others. LUKE-Luke was written by a Gentile writer, for Gentiles, to give the full story of Jesus' life, from His birth to the birth of the church. "-John traditional picture of Christ was the Eagle (deity, person)-John was probably written (A. 55-65); Matthew and Luke may have used Mark as a source. 80-90)-John's clear purpose in writing is "that they might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing Him might have life through his name" (20:31). -Matthew traditional picture of Christ was the Lion (strength, authority, King)-Matthew was probably written (A. -Luke's key expression is "it happened" or "it came to pass. Acts is all about the moving of the Holy Spirit and how God fulfilled His promise to us.. How God made people...
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