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  • Published : July 18, 2012
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The first time I added doctor into my list of 'careers to choose' was when I overheard my mother's monologue "I really want my son to become a doctor". Born as the second child but the first son, held a big responsibility to put up a good example to my siblings, that is why I set a goal to be the best anywhere I go. As what it takes, is to think steps forward, I challenge myself but never lost faith in me since I know determination and confidence are my two precious gifts. My active participation in co-curriculum activities, boost my self esteem tremendously. I managed to hold some important leadership role in school which is the vice head prefect, vice president for the peer support group(PRS) and the president of the English Club which somehow really build my personality and character. However I still score splendidly in my exams. Eventually I was choosen as the best overall students in my former school. Initially with my soft skills and confidence level, I thought of involving myself into business arena, but then sparks of realisation hit me. I want to return the favour that those tax payers have given me. That is when I decided to become a doctor without a single doubt. I planned to start with doing international baccalaureate first as I wanted to prepare myself for the worst and Kolej Mara Banting should be a the best choice to do it, far from the hustle bustle life of a city. I really want to do my degree in Royal College of Surgeon, Ireland. I've heard so much about RCSI and was really hoping to do my medical degree in one of the best medical college in the world.
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