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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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“Against lies”

A lie comes after a lie, and then it goes on and on and on, this makes the “issue” grow bigger and almost impossible to come clean. We learn how to lie as soon as we start to understand about how lying can “help” us in some ways, just like the parents do it with their children and the children themselves with their parents. So if as parents we teach accidently that lying has no instant pressure, our kids will star doing it not just with us but with everyone who surrounds them; does this means that a family life with no lies would make a better relationship and development? I think it would just because of the fact that we all like to do what we´re told not to and if we have the freedom to choose our on paths I’m sure we’ll know the right one. Everyone hates being the one who has been fooled, so why would you like to fool someone else if you don’t like it in the first place. We all say that every lie “always” gets discovered at the end, that there is no lie that can make it through the end, and almost all lies lead us to wrong; so if lies always come clean and takes us to bad situations and the worst is we know what we are doing but the question is why are we still doing it?. We need to learn that lying is wrong and it doesn’t take us where we want at the end, it may look like at the beginning but at the end we will always loose if we play on lies to try to proof us better than others. In conclusion as we all know but we don’t want to face it “lying is wrong” and it doesn’t help us in any way, only ends up damaging what’s good or making it worst what’s not right, we need to start making progress by putting the example out there by not lying and get where and what we want by the right ways such as being honest and humble. So every time you are about to tell a lie remember about the consequences that you are putting you and others through.
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